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Pentacostal Tabernacle of Miami Gardens Florida -Caribbean stye Praise

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Lister Name: Delroy Young

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Sunday June 28 - 2015. From -
Name of lister : Delroy Young
Address: - Miami Gardens - Florida - 33169
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Hey guys I'm not trying to make out a blog in this category but I grey up in this church. Now here is the deal. A lot of people are quite concerned about this God Head thing. I mean! Why we baptize in Jesus Name and what is that all about. I mean why we have to particularize this matter instead of just saying baptize any way and it does matter. Actually I am suppose to write a blog about this stuff but just haven got around it yet. Come to think about. it, I might just write a whole book since I wanted so long. I mean not that I know too much about that kind of stuff but we crazy Holy Roller folks have what we call us the Holy Ghost and it is what make us come up with crazy ideas thinking we can do things we never even did before.
Anyway for right now here is how I put it, and Oh! I am talking bout this God Head thing. Ok! calm doing guys I'm not going to ram anything down you throat and tell you that if you dint baptize in Jesus Name your going to go to hell, and yes we do that too! I mean we might as well just own that.
Nevertheless, lets just keep it simple for now.
Lets say that the Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost, Were indeed 3 separate entities. Ok! so now I am in the same page with you for a moment. See my hands! They are clean! No trucks here now!
The fact is that one of these three, The Son, is given the job of saving people from their sins. This means that the whole job of salvation is the responsibility was given to this man Jesus so any conditions that is required to do that was his portfolio.
So why then is it so hard to understand that baptism must be done in His name.
Does it make sense that the man who have the responsibility to save is also given the name Savior. Do you do right by him to avoid his name and say he is not good enough so give me all three...

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