What Is The Card Wallet?

You can ignore the video because you are already in the card wallet now, and the information is written below and the link to upload your business card is below the information

THE CARD WALLET TURN YOUR BUSINESS CARD INTO A HOT LINK BUSINESS CARD AND ALLOW EVERYONE TO ACCESS IT FROM THEIR SMARTPHONE The Card Wallet is a Business Card Database System that allows Business Card Holders to upload their Business Cards so that the public can access, save and view them from their smartphones. Once a user save any Business Card for the first time, it automatically activates the user's CARD WALLET which they can add to the screen of their smartphones.

All future Business Cards that the user will save from The Card Wallet System will be automatically added to the user's activated Card Wallet.

Furthermore, the user can search for any Business Card in the Card Wallet and add it and/or interact with that Business or the Business Card Holder directly from that Hot Link Business Card in the card Wallet..

The more people that you will get to save your card is the more hits your business card will get and the more points it will earn. You recieve 5 points for every time your card is saved.

THE DIRECT LINK UPLOAD YOU BUSINESS CARD IS THIS LINK http://www.mopass.net/submitcard.php

Click to Open/Close the instructions to "save Your Business Card Wallet to the homescreen of your smartphone"

Save your Smart Card Wallet To Your Home Screen

A. if on an android smartphone please click the 3 vertical dots to the top right hand corner of your screen then look for "Add To Home Screen" and follow the prompts. Some Samsung Galaxy devices will need to be restart before you will see the icon on your screen

B. If you are on an Iphone scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the second icon from the left and follow the prompt to save it to your screen.

Smart business cards saved will be stocked in this area

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