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    This page is your MOPASS CARD WALLET Information Page
    The Electronic mobile buisness cards that will be placed on our mobile wallet system are actually referrals. This means that we are reccommending these related services as THE BEST IN THAT RESPECTIVE AREA. If your customers/clients experience proves anything different, they will notify us and that will place a strike against your MOPASS status.

    Strike rules

    1.If we recive 2 complaints in 1 month we will suspend your electronic MOPASS status for 30 days. Once your MOPASS access is suspended all leads will be suspended with it. However once that issue is resolved we will remove the history of that strike and return the original status.
    2. If we recieve 7 complaints within a 3 months period then that MOPASS STATUS will be suspended for 3 months with the same conditions mentioned above
    3. If we recieve 118 complaints within a year, your MOPASS status will be suspended for 1 full year with the same conditions mentioned above
    4. If after 1 year of suspension the card holder return with the same defects that cause their suspension in the first place, the MOPASS STATUS will be PERMANANTLY REVOKED.
    Notice# Each time an Electronic MOPASS account is suspended, the slot is left open for another business of its kind to fullfill. If that business (Place holder) performs without incidents then we may choose to grant that spot to the (place holder). This means that the returning account may need to abide on a waiting list until a space becomes available for what ever reason.
    If you have a business card and/or provide services and feel that your services deserves to be listed in the MOPASS referral, Call (786)975-4659

    The MOPASS promote your buisness on the internet in a way that no other system does or can. However:
    1. Please note that if you allow your MOPASS Electronic Mobile Business Card to be suspended or revoked for whatever reason, the traffic that it brings to your buisness will be supended for whatever time that suspension last. Call for more info: Call (786)975-4659
    2. Your card will appear on the list on a first come first serve basis.
    3. There is a limit to the amount of cards we will place on our system for the same type of service. This means that we will not have too many of the same type of service for the same area (that would not make good sence). For instance, in an area where you may have 20 businesses offering the same services, we may choose ONLY the 3 capable of the best referral expectations. The amount of business of the same type considered will depends on certain matrix such as area population and demands for service etc.

    Note# The MOPASS System is also a proactive distrubution system that sends out thousands of links and notifications to mobile users EVERY DAY and is a friend to all the major search engines , thus making it easy for the public to FIND and contact you . It is your ticket to the buisness network and the public at large. It is a good way to obtain gigs on this system because of its networking capability (It is also built on the neho101 social network system). Since all electronic mobile card holders - like yourself - knows the benefits of providing good services and that good service is the only way they can stay on this system
    We can place you on this system but keeping you on the system and in our referral list and program will be your responsibility. It is an opportunity that can be permanently lost. Your best bet is to lay all the cards on the table and let your clients know what they need to know. However, take consolation that WE WILL NOT STRIKE AN ACCOUNT WITHOUT HEARING BOTH SIDES OF A MATTER.
    There is no fee or comissoin charged for refferals or services but to keep the card on our system requires a one time setup fee of $49 - $99 and $24.99 per month
    Call for more info:


    Our MOPASS Flyer systems works much differently.
    There is no referal programs on flyers.
    The only rule is that we do not upload flyer with contents that is generally considered too explicit or inapropriate. For this reason we do not allow any one access to our upload pages

    How does our MOPASS Flyer system works?

    1. You email us the flyer
    2. We put it in our MOPASS System
    3. We send out 2-10 thousand notification a day to different recipients within the region that the flyer is related to
    4. Once the user comes to our flyers application they can open up the flyer by a simple click. When the user is viewing the flyer it will automatically fit the entire dimensions of the device or browser they are viewing it in. Furthermore the user can further expand the flyer to their suit.

    Call (786)9754659
    Each listing must be paid in advance.
    If time is left of the thirty days because an event day is passed, the lister is entitle to place a different flyer for the time left for the thirty days to end

    Our expectationR AS OF NOW - OUR SYSTEM GENERATES 2-5 THOUSANDS HITS PER WEEK. We expect to increase our trafic immensely in the future.
    Click here to view a current flyer on our MOPASS

    Basic Electronic Mobile Business Card Example below:


    Mobile marketing scenarios

    The methods in this video doesnt neccessarily underscores the methods of the MOPASS infrastructure (SO PLEASE DONT BE CONFUSED) but is just and example of how effective mobile marketing is just by itself

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  • Here are some simple ways other businesses like yours are getting more customers, and selling more to their existing customers with mobilemarketing:

    Retailers use mobilemarketing to track their customers (and visitors) and then send promotions and sales to their growing database.
    Non-profit organizations
    Non-profit organizations leverage mobilemarketing to highlight fundraising events and share positive stories about their cause.
    Promoters Promoters utilize mobile marketing to promote concerts and events to their ever-increasing base of loyal followers.

    Restaurants invite visitors to join their "mobile VIP" divst and then send daily or weekly specials or discount offers. Slow day? Instantly send an offer and watch the door start swinging!

    Churches send text announcements on Saturday night reminding their congregation to come to service on Sunday (and to remember their tithes and offerings).
    Car dealers
    Car dealers draw prospects to their divst with contests and drawings, then are able to send a blast to all prospective buyers with any new sales opportunities or special events.

    Increase your reach. Lower costs. How do you connect with your customers, prospects and employees when your target audience is on the go? "Mobile Marketing" is a proven, effective way to communicate to your customers (and potential customers). That's because 97% of people read their text messages - immediately, Not "later" or tomorrow or next week - within minutes. Until now, it was too costly and complicated for most businesses to take advantage of the incredible marketing power of text messaging. With mobile marketing, you can now use the same technology that major corporations and franchises are using, only for a fraction of the cost.

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