Welcome to your MOPASS Phone Interface and Card Wallet Social Networks ... Anyone can access their MOPASS Smartphone Interface at anytime by going to mopass.net on that smartphone.

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In order for your business/services to be in the Card Wallet Database and be available online for people to find it you must first submit it here in the MOPASS Card Wallet. If you need to add Mobile Pages for your business to represent your Mobile Website online then you should select that option when you fill out the form below. The cost to add your business to the Smart Business Card Wallet System is a one time $49.99 instalation fee and $9.95 per month. If you choose to add MOBILE PAGES for your business then your monthly fee for both services is $25 per month. The installation fee is unchanged.

Adding your card directly from here is the cheapest option to get your card in the system.
Every thing is super easy in the Card Wallet System. You will recieve an email with links and - MOST IMPORTANTLY - your CARD NUMBER once submitting your information. Otherwise you can always go to mopass.net on your phone and it will take you here where you have access to your card. You can direct anyone at any time to save your Smart Business Card by them simply going to mopass.net on their Smartphone then entering your card number and add it from the top (as shown here).
The Instruction to add one's card wallet to the screen of their smartphone is very easy and is listed in their card wallet.

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