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  • MOPASS monitors patients while they are away from doctor's office and report each patient's status, condition, and activities back to the doctor's office...
  • MOPASS allows smartphone users to interact seemlessly with doctor's offices and make requests and access services through the convenience of their smartphone devices, computers or any handheld device.
  • MOPASS setup entertains patients/guess while they wait and broadcast help full tips and information through its television channels.

What are some of the features and benefits of a MOPASS for a Doctor's Office?

Each particular feature below can be either activated or de-activated
  • Taking and procerssing patient's walk-in & remote requests
  • Entertain Patients & Visitors while they wait. The waiting visitors can access your mopass via their smartphones and...
  • MOPASS Television Broadcaster (can replace your cable services because it comes with tv channel plugins and videos)
  • MOPASS Television Broadcaster shows all ads, promotions, services and information about the business......
  • The best sign-in and schedule management and Traffic Management System.
  • Your patients can save your mopass card to their smartphones and can interact with you through the system. Like making appointments, making requests....
  • Comes with an app that your patients can access and interact...
  • The only system that allows your business to interact with up to 30 patients simultaneously WITHOUT the use of a phone
  • Broadcasts customers requests and interactions on television and computer screen.
  • The best Appointment Management & Appointment Reminder Notification System

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MOPASS Monitor Application Portal (MAP)
Patient Monitor System (Setup that allows doctors to monitor their patients remotely)

# Allows the doctor's office to create a Monitor Application Portal (MAP) for each patient and enter in the information concerning the patient. For example, the patient's medicinal prescriptive information such as what to take and when to take it and the quantity.....
Once that MAP is submitted it is sent to the patient's cellphone and email address. The patient then receive a link that automatically activates and access their Monitor Application Portal (MAP)....

# The Monitor Application Portal (MAP) that the patient now receives and activates, is what will manage the dialog and interactions between the patient and his/her doctor's office.

# The MAP will now notify the patient what his/her doctors instructions are and remind the patient when these subject actions are due. The MAP will require the patient to enter in pertenent information such as [1.] Record evertime they take each medication prescribed. [2.] Register their blood pressure and blood sugar statistics everytime they check it. [3.] Notify and remind them when their next doctor's visit is scheduled.

# The Doctor's office can monitor what the patient is doing in realtime and can send messages back to the patient through their MAP, also the patient can do likewise.

# Furthermore, the patient can send in images and multimedia - such as photo shots, audio and videos - to his/her doctor's office via their MAP.

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