How will a MOPASS benefit my restaurant?

  • Restaurants with a MOPASS increase revenues by 35% average. View more statistics

  • Allow customers to send in remote orders from their smartphones from anywhere without tying up your phone lines or time

  • Allows just one employee to handle, interact with and serve several customers at a time, thus speading up your business order handling process...

  • Smart menu display system - with many awesome layout styles

  • Smat menu system show items only when they need to, such as breakfast items only during breakfast sessions, lunch items only during lunch sessions etc.

  • While your customers are waiting to be served, your MOPASS keeps them engaged both in and with your business, meanwhile, your customers can participate in live games, MOPASS social media, and multimedia interactivities.

Order Request & Line Management System
Allow your customers to place orders through your MOPASS SYSTEM right from their SmartPhones. The order is then displayed on your Smart Live Menu Television Setup and announce a notification to the restaurant each time an order comes in as well as when customers update them. The customer can save your MOPASS Electronic Card on their smartphones for when ordering in the future and view all items from your menu [live] and place their order through their smartphones from your restaurant location, or while driving in their car, or from their homes, or from anywhere they choose. All orders posted through your MOPASS, regardless of where they are posted from, populates into your system once they are placed. The business can then interact with MANY CUSTOMERS AT A TIME - through it's MOPASS SYSTEM - where needed without a need to pick up or answer to a business phone, thus saving time and producing efficiency.

Smart Live Menu Television Setup
The restaurant can interact with its MOPASS smart menu list at anytime from a smartphone or a computer to add items, delete items, or edit items - for example - when a price update or photo update is needed. All updates will appear on your Smart Live Menu Television Setup - no longer than 90 seconds - after they are posted, and the changes are immediately updated in your MOPASS SYSTEM so that your customers can access the updated information INSTANTLY. In addition to all your posted items from your menu list, your will also host order information needed for the customer to order through the system.

Remote Order Processing Elite System (ROPES)
The main thing about ROPES is being able to facilitate remote orders. Now because of this, your business will be able to capitalize on orders that it would not have otherwise received. Therefore, among the many conveniences that this feature promotes is also the fact that it adds to the restaurant's bottom-line. Furthermore, it allows your customers and prospective customers to connect with your business where ever they may be. Since your MOPASS ELECTRONIC CARD can also be sent from smartphones to smartphones and those recipients both get to see your menu list and also connect with the business, it is a very strong and effective referral tool

Keep your customers engaged while they wait with MOPASS Inline Entertainment & Media Interaction
Dont let a waiting experience for your customer be an unpleasant experience. MOPASS keeps them engaged while they wait:

What you will need to be qualified for service


You may want to go beyond just the basic setup and have different styles of menu layouts showing in different areas of your restaurant. Also you may choose to have a setup inside your kitchen where your cook/s can also see the orders as they come on live. For this, MOPASS have a wide range of portals that you can use to bring about any type of result that you would like to see our services accomplish.

What you will need for ABOVE-BASIC SETUPS
Each television will need a processor to run it, and - just like your cable service - your restaurant is responsible to provide and mount the television and MOPASS will ship the additional programmed CPU processor and accessories needed.


For more information contact:
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