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About Sunshine Theatre Company

DELCITA talk the things just like that!

Miss Elsayda is a family oriented comedy drama. The show is seriously current and extremely funny. Delcita, dubbed Jamaica’s Queen of Comedy, is in Romance - land! Love is in her ears and this time around she skillfully steps on the corn of many. The play showcases a mature and transformed Delcita.

The story, directed by Andrea Wright, seriously exposes issues of sexuality and marriage; The hypocrisy of marital bliss and the folly of many women giving birth. She is happily in love and many women will envy her body moves… Can Delcita keep her man from the clutch of the ladies? Will she hire a dentist and what’s the latest garment in her wardrobe? Book your ticket to see Miss Elsayda: The Final Delcita Show.

Director, Andrea ‘Delcia’ Wright is a graduate of Guidance and Counselling, Northern Caribbean University, and spends much of her stage time counselling and empowering her fans. Miss Elsayda has toured S. Marteen, Grand Cayman, Boston; Toronto, Scarborough and Brampton, Canada. The play features: Andrea Wright, Joanna Johnson, Margaret Wilson, Samuel Keldo, Melisha Holness and Damion Smith.

My God Dont Wear Pajamas - Exerps

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