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Features and Benefits

If the customer ask... What is a MOPASS Smart Business Card? keep your answer broad and use dynamic terms. For instance:

Benefits A MOPASS Electronic Business Card or Smart Business Card - otherwise known as a MOPASS BUSINESS CARD - is a smart version of your business card, placed on the MOPASS network and made available to internet users and smartpphone users in the public. Your MOPASS BUSINESS CARD is what connects you and your business to the public and visa versa . It allow them to conduct referrals on your business. It manages those referrals and establishes an organized client and customer base where you can communicate with all your customers and they can communicate with you.
The card wallet is what is created for the public to store those MOPASS BUSINESS CARDS IN.
The advantage for all busineses is to get their Smart Card setup before their competetors since there is a limit to the amount of cards that each person can store in their card wallet.

  • It handles person to person referrals and organize your client and customer base
  • Allows the public and your card savers to see what is going on inside of your business
  • It aloows you to collect money from credit card holding customers when you are on the raod...
  • Cost much lesser to afford than a traditional paper business card and the recipients NEVER LOOSES IT.
  • Much more attractive than a paper business card and interactive to smartphone users, everything is one-click.

Electronic Business Card/Smart Card Distributor
The Distributor allows you and your smart business card recipients to send your card to other people's smartphones. The recipients can then click on the "save card" and save your Electronic Business Card/Smart Business Card immediately to their Electronic Card Wallet on their smartphones and can access it with one click at any time and communicate and interact with your business immediately.

Benefits Every person that recieves your Electronic Smart Business Card can conduct referrals on it by simply sending it to other people either from their contact list or through manual type in numbers. This means that each recipient and the recipients that those recipients will send your Smart Card to will be able to build a network for you around your business. This type of endless distribution concept is called B5ing. The only thing that can limit that is the size of the network that you will require for your card. You can choose the network capacity limits.
2. Referral Management
You can offer a distribution insentive for recipients to distribute your card to more people and the card wallet system will manage and validate those referrals

Benefits This feature is awesome because it lets you know what customers to affect with your insentives by showing valid proof that the referrals were indeed made and who made the referrals and who should recieve what.
3. The Email Blaster
The email blaster allows you to blast out to your card savers, the maximum amount of email you can send out from your email account per day (which is about 300 to 500). Benefits This means that you can market to people in your card wallet database.
4. Realtime Updating Reflectives
BenefitsWhen you make any changes to your electronic business card - which you can do straight from your phone - all your card holders will see the updates immediately

Voicemail short script

Short - to the point - summarizing voice mail message

Hi! My name is ______________________ With the Mobile Phone Accessible Services System (MOPASS). We are calling you to let you know that we are establishing a business network in your area through our electronic smart business card network and Guarantee Support System. You may need to be a part of this network in order to guarantee support to your business in the coming future.
An Electronic Referral Business Card will be needed to identify each business and its ownership on the network and to validate and manage all referrals.
We will make 3 attempts to contact you and offer you the opportunity to be apart of the B5 community network business or business card club so that your business can be relevant for support.


Current Script

hello my name is_______________________________________ I am with the B5 Community Developers. We are running a business card club (Business Card Referral Network) In your loacl area and we would like you to get involve in this.
Our objective is to promote a system where anyone can accesss your Hot Link business card from their spartphones and interact with your business from there. This is an opportunity to preserve your business card to your local area in the most effective way. We provide every person in the public access to a free card wallet wich is activated when a person save their first business card. Your card will need to exist in the system first before any one can access it, and that is the purpose of this call.
Once we get your BUSINESS CARD into the The B5 Community Business referral system, we have a team of people that will be responsible for getting your business promoted to your local region, on the internet, and to smartphone users. This is part of the service we charge a monthly fee of $50 for.
We make it easy for you to get on our system. We do not require any other fees or licensing.
What we do is we offset your setup fee by disolving it in monthly fees.
* For instance we can charge

  • $150 setup fee with the first 3 months of service free
  • 250 setup fee with the first 6 months of service free
  • Or $500 down with 1 year free service
All we will need is a valid charge card to keep onhold for your services. We will not charge your card until we receive your business card and is ready to mount it and setip your service or 96 hours upon receiving it - whichever comes first - We have a recieving address to send your business card to (18350 NW 2ND AVE, MIAMI, FL, 33169) Without any further hesitation, we would like to request your permission to move forward with getting your business placed in our system while we are here now. It might be hard to reach you in the future. Furthermore, MOPASS have a limit as to how many BUSINESS CARDS a person can save in their card wallet, so timing is of the essense.... All I need is a little bit of information about your business and the information on the card that you will use to pay for your setup, then i will provide you with address to mail the card to...

Script Example 1

Hi! My name is ______________________ With the Mobile Phone Accessible Services System (MOPASS). Mopass is the part of the internet and Smartphone Systems Platform that is responsible for showing contents and information to The Smartphne Users Population and allow them to interact with businesses and access services. We have also created the Electronic Smart Business Card and public Electronic Business Card wallet System which allow the public to conduct electronic business card referrals on those Electronic Business Cards in a network fashion. This is the reason we are calling you today.
The way it works is that we first create an electronic business card for you, which is done either by creating one through our system or requesting your original business card and digitalizing it. Once we setup your Electronic Business Card (MOPASS CARD) an email will be sent to you with all the links you will need.
Any person any where will then be able to access your electronic business card at anytime and both save it and conduct referrals on it.
I know the Electronic Business Card concept might be new to you but this is the method by which referrals and business card transfers are now being conducted.
Statistically the average person keeps a paper business card only up until 6 months before loosing it and are known for not having it when its needed, while an electronic business card stays in their smartphone card wallets permanently and interacting with your business is always just a click away.
It only take a maximum of 20 seconds or less for one of your card savers to conduct a referral on your business since all they will need is to open their card wallet and use the distributor to text your electronic business card to somebody.
You can build up your network overtime and immediately communicate with all your card savers at anytime through our card wallet messaging systems, and you can doo all this right from your smartpphone. Thus your network get to see what's going on in your business in realtime.
This service is not as expensive as you may think, our cards are renewed on an annual basis and we have very flexible options
Our flexible payment options
Ask for the sale here or address any concerns/questions they may have

Example 2.

Hi My name is ________________________ with The Mobile Phone Accessible Services System (MOPASS). We created the Smart Business Card and the Smartphone Card Wallet System. We are also the general organizers of the B5 Community which is the population of smartphone users in a network information distribution process. The Local Teller Network [which we also created] is our referral engine that manages and validate all referral programs put together by Smart Business Card (MOPASS CARD) owners.
We are the part of the nternet that is responsible for showing information to smartphone users everywhere regardless of what type of device the users may have. We review businesses that we speak with per its ownership and management and publish our assessments to its general public local community. Part of our main goal as a referral system is to protect the large community of smartphone users (The B5 Community) from supporting businesses and services that are not referable since our referrals are intimate. We ensure this through our strike system. Any business that we must refer will need to have a valid MOPASS CARD that must be renewed annually. A business or service will get promoted in the system base on the amount of people that save the MOPASS CARD (Electronic Business Card) for that MOPASS CARD OWNER.
Since we have no way of determining the referable status of a business or service without a MOPASS CARD, we have no choice but to add to our strike list, any business that we communicate with that refuses to establish a MOPASS CARD for that matter.
The integerity of a business owner is how we view and assess a business. The intention of a strike is to cut off support from that business or service until we are able to prove to the network that the business is support-worthy or -at least- ready to be relevant.

Our reason for calling you today is that we are currently networking all the businesses and services in your area by connecting them with the smartphone users networks, and we will have to make a determination about your business as to what route we will take, whether we will disposition it as a strike or making it a part of the referable network. To be a part of our networks we can setup your MOPASS CARD right now. The minimum MOPASS CARD is only $150 a year, that is what is required. However, you can get higher options that will allow you to get more advertising and greater networking capacity . I can tell you more about that if you wish but the minimum is what we are required and will need to submit for you before we get off the phone.

Mopass Card Sample Customized Closing Script Examples

Closing Example 1. Preparing to close
(1.) First you have to ask/confirm the prospect's name if you haven't yet learn it and be sure to also ask "how may I refer to you". Be sure to refer to the customer ONLY THE WAY THEY WISH. Failure to refer to the prospect in a way that they are happy with will result in a NO SALE.
(2.) You have to sell yourself as a trust-worthy product first and be sure that the prospect is on the same page with you when it comes to that. "The name prospect prefered to be called I would consider my self a good person to do business with any day and I am willing to prove that to you by the product and services I am ready to install for you. Judging by our conversation so far, on a scale of 1 to 10 how well would you agree with me saying that?"

(A.) If the prospect give you a good rating return the compliment by letting the prospect know that you also hold him/her in very high regard and that you would be honour to serve him/her and would like to take the opportunity to start that business relationship now. You should continue by saying Once I submit your service the email that our system will send out to you will validate everything I just said and will have all the pertinent links and information in it. At the top of that email there will also be a security link for you to submit your credit card information so that we can keep that on file for you.
"The name prospect prefered to be called With your permission I would like to go ahead and submit and setup your services now for you, so that your customers and prospective customers can get a chance to save your Ecard on their smartphones to their card wallets ahead of your competetors. I also prefer and reccommend doing this now, because - as you may imagine - there is a limit to how many cards each person can save in their card wallet so they are least likely to save two or too many businesses of the same kind and also because it doesnt make good sense. Also we only have a limit of 200 thousand cards to setup throughout the entire USA this means that only a percentage of business will get the service."
(B.) If the prospect did not give you a good rating then you can refer them to the links below or any other link to related to anything you said to the prospect, and endevor to review those links with them on the phone, then ask for the sale consistent with the method above.

Remember! ultimately you are the one who makes sales so if you have a method that works better for you then - by all means - use such a method as long as it is consistent with the facts about our services and the important elements and the way we do business.


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